Walmart’s Add to Heart


Walmart’s Add to Heart


Walmart’s Add to Heart

A first-of-its-kind, fully shoppable content series introduced Walmart into the Social ‘RomCommerce’ Space.

Holiday RomComs are massively popular. 80M people watch at least a few minutes of a Hallmark movie every year. So in 2024 we created the first-ever, fully shoppable TikTok series to make finding (and buying) the *perfect* holiday thing as easy as watching your favorite TV show. This 23-part series are so much more than a RomCom. They’re RomCommerce.

Role: Karan Dang, Head of Brand Creative, Walmart
Strategy Partner: Courtney Killingsworth, Kim Tunick
Agency Partner: Publicis, Dept W

Episode 1

@walmart Shop some jaw dropping decor while you find out if Jessica’s holiday plans get tripped up. #LinkInBio #AddToHeart 💙 #WalmartHome #GiftIdeas ♬ original sound - Walmart

Episode 2

@walmart Shop festive fits & apartment decor while Jessica makes a change of plans for the holidays. #LinkInBio #AddToHeart 💙 #WalmartFashion #GiftIdeas ♬ original sound - Walmart


@walmart We gave our new shoppable series Add to Heart the blue carpet treatment with some very special guests... #AddToHeart ♬ original sound - Walmart

Rom-Com Meets Shopping? Why Walmart Launched a Shoppable Series

Walmart’s 23-episode holiday rom-com series “Add to Heart” features more than 330 products consumers can buy while watching.

Walmart’s Holiday ‘RomCommerce’ Aims to Make Shoppers Swoon

The 23-episode series features more than 330 products consumers can buy  

Inside Walmart's New Shoppable 'RomCommerce' Series and What It Harbingers for Brands

"Add to Heart" is Walmart's shoppable commercial series in the form of a holiday-themed romantic comedy.


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