Walmart’s foray into the metaverse, bringing the best of Walmart’s Aisles to life as Virtual Islands.

Facing inflation and supply chain disruptions in 2022, Walmart sought to evolve GenZ’s transnational, price-based relationship into an authentic connection based on experiences. So we came to their town square by launching. Walmart Land on Roblox. This first-of-its-kind, customizable metaverse world supplies limitless branded engagement to Gen Z and Gen Alpha, Roblox's fastest growing users.

Role: Karan Dang, Head of Brand Creative, Walmart
Strategy Partner: Justin Breton
Agency Partner: Digitas

Within the first two weeks of launch, Walmart Land was featured in over 500 pieces of press and saw 4.9 million visitors. Walmart Land Post-Exposure Brand Health Results:

- Brand Affinity: +10% (1% over benchmark) 
- Purchase Intent: +17% (4% over benchmark) 
- Likely to Recommend: +21% (10% over benchmark) 
- As of January 31st, 2023 Walmart Land had 12.3 million total visitors and averaging over 102k daily visitors.

Walmart enters the metaverse with Roblox experiences aimed at younger shoppers

Walmart is entering the metaverse with two experiences, Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play, in gaming platform Roblox.

Walmart arrives on Roblox for the first time with two new virtual worlds to engage young shoppers

Walmart announced today that it is stepping into the metaverse with two new experiences on Roblox: “Walmart Land” and “Universe of Play.”

Walmart launches two new Roblox experiences

Walmart announced on Monday the launch of two new immersive experiences in the metaverse platform, Roblox.


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